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Building your business was hard, and you only sell it once. With a focus on marketing, communications, digital, and service businesses, the TobinLeff M&A advisory team is dedicated to helping owners maximize and monetize their life’s work. For over a decade, the TobinLeff team has completed nearly 200 successful merger, acquisition, and exit planning engagements across the U.S. Visit to contact a partner today or for additional resources and case studies. Subscribe or sign up for our emails to never miss an episode.

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Tuesday Aug 18, 2020

Private Equity (PE) firms are buying marcomm companies — but what does that mean for your agency? In this episode, Tobinleff partner and former CPA with Ernst & Young, Chuck Gottschalk, explains what Private Equity is and how PE firms can get you a bigger payday for your business. Get answers to questions like:
What is Private Equity (PE), and why would it be interested in purchasing marketing, advertising, digital, PR, and related communications agencies?
What does PE look for in acquisitions, and what makes a marketing firm attractive?
How does doing a deal with Private Equity increase what you’re likely to earn from a sale of your agency?
What about the downsides?

Wednesday Jun 03, 2020

For there to be a market for buying or selling an agency, there needs to be funding available. Often, especially in the case of agency sales between partners or to leadership teams, that funding takes the form of SBA financing. But, in this age of COVID, is SBA lending available?
The short answer? Yes, there is money; yes, they are lending. In this episode, co-principal Scott Leff interviews Adam Whitaker of F.N.B. Corporation to discuss in detail how today's COVID economy has impacted the world of SBA lending.

Monday May 18, 2020

In today’s COVID Economy, acquihires (sometimes referred to as “bolt-ons” or “tuck-ins”) remain a productive growth strategy for buyers, and a viable way for sellers to find a new home. In this episode, Jeff Lambert, founder and CEO of Lambert Agency and a veteran of several acquisitions, and Holt Vaughn, a partner in TobinLeff, provide information, insights, and case studies on acquihire opportunities from both the seller’s and buyer’s perspective.

Monday May 04, 2020

How has the recent economic shock of COVID-19 changed the landscape for acquisitions? Are buyers still buying? How are valuations and multiples impacted?
More than ever, companies are now assessing if strategic acquisitions should be a part of their growth plans. To provide insights and answer questions like these, we interviewed industry leaders Peter Finn, Managing Partner of Finn Partners, and Michael Kempner, CEO of MWWPR.
Tune in to learn about the market trends they're seeing and what they recommend for M&A moving forward during COVID-19.

Monday Apr 06, 2020

Building your business was hard, but COVID-19 has left many business owners wondering what the future looks like for their company value. What can we know about the future of business now that COVID-19 has entered the scene? To quote a Hollywood legend, right now "nobody knows anything." Yet there are still many insights that can be had!
Listen to the premiere episode of The TobinLeff M&A Podcast to hear the partners of TobinLeff provide unique insights on how COVID-19 is affecting today's exit planning and mergers and acquisitions market and get answers to questions like:
Is now still the right time to buy or sell a company?
How do I move forward if the value of my business has been negatively impacted?
What if I don't know what my company's value was before COVID-19?
Tune in today and visit our website,, to learn more.

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