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Building your business was hard; getting out of it on your terms can be even harder. Welcome to The TobinLeff M&A Podcast, where you can rewrite the next chapter of your life with the help of business owners who have been in your shoes. In the past decade TobinLeff has completed over 125 successful merger and acquisition and exit planning engagements across the U.S., with a focus on marketing/advertising/PR and digital firms. Listen to The TobinLeff M&A Podcast and go online to to learn about the latest in business so that you can build and monetize your company value.

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Monday Apr 06, 2020

Building your business was hard, but COVID-19 has left many business owners wondering what the future looks like for their company value. What can we know about the future of business now that COVID-19 has entered the scene? To quote a Hollywood legend, right now "nobody knows anything." Yet there are still many insights that can be had!   Listen to the premiere episode of The TobinLeff M&A Podcast to hear the partners of TobinLeff provide unique insights on how COVID-19 is affecting today's exit planning and mergers and acquisitions market and get answers to questions like: Is now still the right time to buy or sell a company? How do I move forward if the value of my business has been negatively impacted? What if I don't know what my company's value was before COVID-19? Tune in today and visit our website,, to learn more.

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