The TobinLeff M&A Podcast

Regaining and Enriching Value

April 6, 2020
Building your business was hard, but COVID-19 has left many business owners wondering what the future looks like for their company value. What can we know about the future of business now that COVID-19 has entered the scene? To quote a Hollywood legend, right now "nobody knows anything." Yet there are still many insights that can be had!
Listen to the premiere episode of The TobinLeff M&A Podcast to hear the partners of TobinLeff provide unique insights on how COVID-19 is affecting today's exit planning and mergers and acquisitions market and get answers to questions like:
  • Is now still the right time to buy or sell a company?
  • How do I move forward if the value of my business has been negatively impacted?
  • What if I don't know what my company's value was before COVID-19?
Tune in today and visit our website,, to learn more.

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